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Aleksandra Karpińska

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Monika Kosakowska

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Weronika Dobosz

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Anna Martuszewska

Fot: Anna Dziewulska

we bring your vision to life from conception to completion | in accordance with project guidelines and a feasibility analysis | with attention to detail | using advanced technologies

work process

01analysis of needs/briefing


03conceptual design

04executive design

05cost estimate

06implementation and supervision

Private projects

Realizacje prywatne

private projects

space is everything

where nothing distracts or seems accidental | where all elements are deliberate and constitute a cohesive whole | where conceptual consistency makes it possible to accommodate different functions within one aesthetic convention thanks to recurring materials and patterns | where carefully designed, discreet detail is everywhere, subtly refining all the simple forms and textures | where everything is the right scale and proportion, creating a spatial arrangement that looks and feels clean and uncluttered.

Public projects

Realizacje publiczne

public projects

harmony is everything

where the interior is a carefully thought out, aesthetically cohesive whole in which the layout guides the user through subsequent rooms | where detail seamlessly integrates with and completes the composition, while its unique form makes it a part of the dominant – the central feature around which the space is organized | where function and visual effect are equally important and complement each other, with unconventional and unexpected solutions creating a highly distinctive and impactful design




complementarity is everything

where a balance between materials and technology makes objects timeless, while the right combination of graphics, architecture and design gives them the desired form. | where utility is front and center and the applied materials and solutions are first and foremost functional | where advanced raw materials and technology are adopted with the support of manufacturing expertise – not only to strive for the perfect form, but also to optimize costs | where a piece of furniture is understated while clearly communicating its purpose, quality and convenience through simple and distinctive design